Meriden – Biomass CHP and Waste Water Treatment Plant

Sycamore Planning Ltd are currently assisting on the development of a Biomass CHP plant which is currently under construction. The development is due to start commissioning in late 2018. The plant will process 48,000 tonnes of waste wood per annum from an adjacent wood recycler and will produce a combination of heat and electricity enough to power the facility ‘off-grid’ and to provide renewable heat to an adjacent Waste Water Treatment Facility.

The Waste Water Treatment Facility will utilise renewable heat from the adjacent Biomass CHP plant to treat up to 45,000 tonnes per annum of waste water sourced from a range of industrial sources.

  • Name:Meriden
  • Location:Warwickshire
  • Size:45,000 tpa wood waste biomass CHP
  • Status:Commissioning due to start in Autumn 2018